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Principal's Message

Sierra Middle School is the only traditional middle school in the Lincoln Unified School District. We are a school of approximately 650 seventh and eighth grade students. Sierra currently offers students seven periods of instruction per day. Classes consist of mathematics, language arts, science, social students, physical education and two electives. Electives include but are not limited to band, chorus, orchestra, leadership, yearbook, journalism, technology, weight training, and TargetedInstruction electives.

Sierra Middle School uses the following core principles—as outlined by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform—to orchestrate decisions and to guide the vision of the school. As a school we strive to have all programs be academically excellent, developmentally responsive, and socially equitable. The California Department of Education publication “Taking Center Stage-Act 2” and the Edsource study “Middle Grades Success” serves as guidelines for Sierra Middle School improvement.

Over the past six years the API at Sierra Middle School has grown 153 points. Sierra Middle School is in year 5+ of program improvement status under the federal guidelines of NCLB, meeting 13 of 21 Annual Measurable Objectives. The school has implemented a restructuring plan. The primary goal for Sierra Middle School is to have all students subgroups achieve the AYP benchmarks.

Sierra Middle School implements the four essential questions of learning of a professional learning community and the Response to Intervention Framework to ensure quality instruction and determine students’ achievement. The school uses a variety of indicators to determine progress and academic success. Students are assessed in each academic subject twice per quarter using benchmark assessments that are aligned with curriculum pacing guides. Teachers spend early release days collaborating and looking at results of benchmark assessments. Students are also assessed in reading language usage, and math three times per year using MAP. Results from all assessments are used to determine targeted instruction strategies and goals.

Sierra Middle School utilizes a Title 1/EL resource teacher. The purpose of the Title 1/EL resource teacher is to coordinate and lead the interventions provided to Title 1 and EL students and to oversee the Summit Support Center.

Sierra has a comprehensive after-school program with an emphasis on homework help, supplemental academic assistance, healthy living, and engaging activities for students.

Because of our proximity to Lincoln High School, qualifying students take high school courses in mathematics. Sierra Middle School accepts students from all school sites throughout the school district.

Our school has a comprehensives special education program led by highly trained and effective special education teachers. The special education program serves many students in special day classes, resource class and LSH classes. Special education teachers implement a varied approach to instruction using both push-in approach in the mainstream classrooms and a pull-out model when needed.

Scott Tatum, Principal